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favourite female villainsjamie moriarty (elementary)

 ’My first instinct was to kill you. Quietly. Discreetly. But then, the more I learned about you, the more curious I became. Here, at last, seemed to be a mind that… that rivaled my own, something too complicated and too beautiful to destroy… at least without further analysis.

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Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
Florence + the Machine -



Florence and the Machine - Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
[live @ Orange Warsaw Festival 06.14.2014] xx

This is out of this world. 

Natalie Dormer at the Game of Thrones Panel (x)

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i like your face - tenth doctor [4x04 the sontaran stratagem]


Endless list of favorite movies:  Now You See Me (2013)

↳  Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.

well, go on.

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You sent her home. She’s safe. Keep working.

The Parting of the Ways - requested by lumos-castiel


His Dark Materials

For LTD. Gallery's (in Seattle) A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words show opening this Friday.

I don’t want to be just a passenger anymore. Someone you take along for a treat. If that’s how you still see me, I’d rather stay here.

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All of her history etched out at her feet

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Kira + her aunties

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Chris Evans laughing + left boob