Does It Need Saying?

"Skandar was the funniest because he’s thirteen years old, he made a great pretense of trying to avoid any sign of physical affection and we would just periodically yell "Group Hug" and all jump on him and give him a big hug while he squirmed."

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"Here we go"

"Oi, watch it spaceman!”

"Oi, watch it earthgirl!”

In all the world there were but three living dragons, and those were hers; they were a wonder, and a terror, and beyond price.

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Done for The Poseytivity Give away!

Ally A saves the day.

website: You have to be over the age of 18 to enter this site.
me: haha lol yeah sure i am *clicks*
me: wait i'm 20 years old


nothing unites people on this website like a horrifically bad episode of a popular tv show


“It’s not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it’s what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.


if cap3 isn’t called “captain america and falcon: we’re up all night to get bucky”, i’m not watching it


The Doctor and Rose, for andrastesgrace

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Doctor Who + green and light blue (requested by Anonymous)

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People keep on doing that, looking at my back. People in the street. Strangers. I just catch them sometimes, staring at me. Like they’re looking at something. And then I get home, and I look, and there’s nothing there.